ABA Legal Technology Survey Results on Electronic Discovery

Catherine Sanders Reach is the Director of the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center and she summarizes the findings of the Center’s latest Legal Technology Survey on Law.com (reprinted from Law Technology News). The Center has also posted a nice, quick podcast on the results accessible from the Survey page.

I can’t find information on exactly who responded to the Survey, but I recall from past years that it is a fairly broad spectrum from solo practitioners to large firms. 

Here are some of the numbers regarding electronic discovery:

57% of respondents have never received an e-discovery request (down from 62% who never received an e-discovery in 2006, and 73% who never received an e-discovery request in the 2004-5 survey)

13% of respondents receive an e-discovery request 2 times or less a year, and 16% receive an e-discovery request 3-11 times per year

And most interesting: 

26% of respondents say that they have never made an e-discovery request to an opposing party, which is way down from the 69% who said they had never made an e-discovery request in 2006

Link to Survey and link to summary