An excellent article from CIO magazine on “anti-forensics” entitled “How Online Criminals Make Themselves Tough to Find, Near Impossible to Nab” (thanks to TechDirt). Good quote:

“Computer crime has shifted from a game of disruption to one of access.”

The article mentions how illegally gaining access to systems is now at “hobby level.” In other words, almost anyone can download the tools they mention in the article and use them for malicious purposes.

There is a short discussion on how computer records are used to establish a presumption of reliability and the article ends declaring a shift in how forensics investigations should be conducted from now on.

Forensiccs professionals have historically relied on the technology (the hard drive image and data dump) to piece together the story on criminals, but now with the rise of anti-forensic tools, investigators will have to rely more on the “people” side – looking for physical cracks in the methods used by computer criminals; finding associations willing to turn on their criminal counterparts; and conducting interviews.