Boxing your Inbox

The Futurelawyer mentioned InBoxer back on June 8 and I was very intrigued. InBoxer is a rack-mounted virtual appliance that conncts to your e-mail server and can be used to archive and filter messages as needed.

According to the InfoWorld review the appliance will work with both Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino and scores each e-mail message on a scale of 1 to 100 for inappropriate content, privacy violations, and other metrics. Obviously, InBoxer was initially aimed at the risk management sector, but it can just as obviously be used for e-discovery issues.

The largest kudos for the company goes for their test site located at You sign up for a free account and have the ability to use their software through your Web browser (which is how you would use it anyway). The site cautions you on the offensive language you’ll find inside the Enron e-mails, but this is a fantastic way for potential customers to test run the appliance.

Why don’t more vendors do this? I congratulate InBoxer for having enough confidence in their appliance to allow a test run like this. And the system is a joy to use.

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