eDiscovery with Microsoft Exchange Hosted Service

I always enjoy finding a Webinar on electronic discovery that’s not from a firm, ediscovery vendor, or an expensive co-branded conference. I believe that we in the ediscovery industry sometimes act like we wear blinders because we get ignorant and oblivious to what real people in the real world are struggling with – we feel that worrying about how to retain an e-mail message should be their top priority. Maybe it should, but IT professionals usually have many, many other things to worry about.

So I was excited to see this “eDiscovery, Regulation and You – The Importance of Archiving with Hosted Services” Webinar from IDC and Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services.

Admittedly, it’s a bit of an ad for MS Exchange Hosted Service, but it’s still interesting. Vivian Tero, Senior Analyst from IDC, expounds a bit on an important survey (Survey: “Companies not prepared for new e-discovery rules) they conducted back in November 2006 and provides some more detail on their findings.

Then Bernie Goulet, the Central Region Partner for Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services, explains that their service is a “comprehensive set of fully-managed, in the cloud, service for e-mail security and management.”

I admit that I don’t know too much about Exchange Hosted Services (technology acquired from FrontBridge Technologies in 2005) but it obviously looks like an option for Exchange shops that want to implement an easy-to-deploy archive and filtering e-mail service, as well as a centralied anti-spam and anti-virus solution.