Equivio Case Study Contest: September 30 Deadline is Approaching Fast

I blogged earlier about the Equivio Case Study Contest in which I am honored to be a judge. I’m not aware of many other legal software vendors that have a contest like this and I’m personally excited to see the results.

I’m copying an e-mail from Warwick Sharp, VP of Marketing at Equivio, encouraging entries before the Sept. 30 deadline:

As announced last week, we are running a competition for the best case study of Equivio.

It’s VERY easy to enter – you only need 5 minutes:

  • You DON’T need to provide any confidential information such as customer names
  • You DON’T need to write a detailed case study – we just want a few basic sentences that describe the case and how Equivio helped
  • You DO need to hurry. The deadline is Tuesday September 30

The prizes are great. First prize is worth $3,500. You choose either luxury vacation or a home theater system. Runners-up receive an Epson color printer and paper.

Don’t miss out. Enter now. Click here.

Good luck!!!


Warwick Sharp
Vice President, Marketing and Business Development