“GCs to Employees: Think Before You Send”

More cautionary words of wisdom about how employees routinely disregard the public nature of e-mail in “GCs to Employees: Think Before You Send” posted on Law.com.

email craziness.gif

Matthew W. Clarke, a partner at Smith, Gambrell & Russell, is quoted:

“The main problem that occurs over and over is that people have such a casual attitude and approach when it comes to writing and sending e-mails.”

And the article provides some examples of what’s been found in e-mails:

“Don’t put this in writing, but …

“can you believe that [expletive] is complaining about this?”

“I can’t believe she’s pregnant at such an inconvenient time at work.”

“we need to get rid of the dead wood.”

If you want to explore this incredible phenomenon first hand, you can visit www.enronemail.com and search through the multitude of e-mail messages collected during the Enron litigations. The site is set up by a company called InBoxer (which I’ve written about before) as a way to demonstrate their product, but it’s a sobering example of what can go wrong when employees use e-mail.

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