Hear Socha & Gelbmann Talk About Their 2008 Survey

Monica Bay hosts George Socha and Tom Gelbmann on her Law Technology Now podcast located here.

George reports that they found in excess of 600 organizations that offer some kind of electronic discovery services.

Thirty or so of these companies accounted for a substantial portion of the now $2.7 billion e-discovery industry market that is the focus of the Socha-Gelbmann Survey. At least one or two of these companies have been in the industry since 1987 and active up through and past 2003, when so many other companies jumped into the market.

George discusses one “key trend” that he saw this year: a shift of focus away from the more traditional areas of the EDRM model that were most expensive (i.e. processing and review) and a move to newer and “under-served” areas like information management and analysis. George commented that this is especially true with corporations looking for ways to better manage runaway costs associated with e-discovery.

Link to podcast.