“Hot Tips for Effective e-Discovery Review”

Rich Wersinger is a Technical Trainer at Fios, Inc. and authors a short article entitled “Hot Tips for Effective e-Discovery Review” (via In Re Discovery).

Rick offers three tips but the first one called “Bulk Categorizing for Smart, Efficient Document Review” is worth the whole article. He describes a scenario where a major custodian in a product liability suit subscribes to a daily business newswire e-mail message. That means his e-mail file will have a ton of messages that will ultimately be irrelevant to the present matter. Note, however, that with a simple keyword search, many of these messages may get returned as relevant.

Rick suggests taking a “proactive approach to identifying patterns of documents that are clearly not relevant to your matter.”

For me, the tip emphasizes the importance of actually interviewing major custodians or “key players.” It’s not enough to simply grab their entire e-mail file, you need to obtain a big picture idea of how they use e-mail and understand some of their e-mail habits.

This requires a more hands-on approach to a collection project. This won’t make the custodians happy because they have to answer more questions, but it is absolutely necessary for reducing costs.

If you can eliminate and filter out huge groups of e-mail messages from a single source like the daily news bulletins, stock quotes, weather updates, or fantasy football scores, then you could drastically cull down the e-mail file before having it processed by your vendor. This will save a lot of money both on the processing side as well as the review time.

Link to “Hot Tips.”