How Do I Collect Evidence from the Web and Properly Authenticate It? FREE Webinar on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

One of the most important questions in e-discovery today is how to properly and comprehensively collect web content and social media evidence. Like e-mail, social media is one of the richest sources of relevant information about any litigation matter but many lawyers don’t understand how to properly collect it. We resort to old-school tools like the “Print Screen” button, or “Print to PDF,” but those tools are inadequate at collecting all the metadata and source information baked into the web.

There aren’t many tools on the market today that can thoroughly collect web content, which is why I’m happy to team up with Page Vault for a FREE webinar called “Collecting Web Content: Modern Capture Practices for Admissible Evidence” next Tuesday, July 18, 2017. I’m co-presenting with Patrick Schweihs of Page Vault and we’ll be covering the information you need to know about collecting web content and social media as evidence.

As a nifty bonus, every attendee will receive a free copy of the recent Page Vault report “e-Discovery Trends 2017: Web Content Collection.”

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