“How to Archive Email”

keyboard-x.jpgA good article from Processor magazine entitled “How to Archive Email” (via edd blog online) that tackles the subject from a technical perspective.

The article starts off with a good quote:

“For many employees, using email is really only about two things: sending and receiving. But for enterprises as a whole, email is their lifeblood.”

I like that quote because it’s a good reminder that no matter how much the e-discovery industry rants and raves about the need to archive this and preserve that, the majority of folks that use e-mail just see it as a convenient communication medium, and nothing more.

Dean Richardson of ArcMail Technology is quoted:

[…many companies] “opt for email archiving, not for particular compliance reasons but because their users want unlimited email storage without mailbox restrictions.”

Richardson also declares that the trend is bending towards “keeping everything” asking “Do you want to be the only one in court without a copy of your own email?” That’s a valid question since a company may feel safe if they appropriately deleted a sent e-mail from their own servers, but it will turn up in discovery because the recipient of that e-mail saved it on their own server. You don’t want trial to be the first time you see that e-mail message – an e-mail archiving system (based on a well thought-out policy) would have helped you find that message during your own review.

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