Killing me softly with your documents

It’s an interesting exercise to consider what folks outside the U.S. think about our discovery system. Take for example this story from Techworld (which is based in the UK) entitled “US legal discovery is an horrendous nightmare – Pray, pray you don’t get involved in it.” They’re reporting on the AMD v. Intel matter and warn IT professionls to cosider an e-mail archiving system for their company if they anticipate ever getting sued under a U.S. Federal Court.

The story reports that Intel has already turned over 17 million pages of documents to AMD, and expects to turn over tens of millions more. Intel is in hot water since they’ve admitted they may not have certain relevant e-mails any longer.

My favorite quote:

“AMD will press the court to impose changes on Intel’s existing information preservation procedures. Kicking its opponent when it’s down with legally-authorised (sic) boots? Oh, yes please.”