Q&A with Iron Mountain CEO

Iron Mountain is probably the largest offsite data storage provider. In recent years, as expected, they have expanded their offerings into records management, compliance support, and even e-discovery issues.

Comptuerworld.com ran a short Q&A with Richard Reese, the CEO of Iron Mountain that produced some good quotes:

“A big part of what we’ve been trying to do is educate customers. Half the problem has been customers — it’s their legal departments [that] don’t understand the [technology] processes [for archival and storage]. And the business people don’t understand how [legal rules and responsibilities] have changed.”

Mr. Reese had a good, but fairly generic, response to the question “Should companies destroy or keep all their data to avoid problems under new e-discovery requirements?”

“The strategy of just aggressively getting rid of [data] absent of policy is going to be a loser and it’s going to cost you. But the strategy of keeping it all — and managing and discovering all your data — is going to kill you as well. The right strategy is to put in processes, procedures and technologies to destroy [information] as part of policy. For those companies saying “I’ll get rid of it; I’ll take my chances,” all they’re doing is making an informal risk assessment…”

You’re darned if you do, and darned if you don’t. Lesson: you must insist on a records retention policy.

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