Tag, You’re It

I regularly enjoy reading Keith Ecker’s Technology columns for Inside Counsel magazine, but his latest column entitled “Tech Tags – Reviewers use tags to categorize electronic information and manage e-discovery” makes me ask – is this a new technology?

Just about every document database application can “tag” documents, or “code” them, or “label” them. Granted “tags” are sort of a Web 2.0 concept with the rise of Flikr and del.icio.us, but the idea can be applied in multiple ways. And perhaps that is the revelation experienced by the attorneys in Ecker’s column, that the attorneys finally grasped the idea of applying tags/labels/codes to e-docs so they can retrieve, organize, sort, and search the documents at a later time. I know I have personally struggled many times trying to get a legal professional to understand the concept. Ecker’s column is a good read if you’re fuzzy on the whole idea.